Introduction to OMG Solutions Non-Hazardous In-Situ Hydrocarbon Oxidation Process To Immediately ELMN8 Contamination

Poster Presentation

Prepared by , J. Innocenti

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There are many methods for cleaning up hydrocarbon contamination, however, most methods are both time consuming and expensive. OMG Solutions In-situ Oxidation method utilizes a natural and non-hazardous chemical reaction to break the hydrocarbon bonds creating the bio-products of water, carbon dioxide and soil particles (dust). Unlike other Oxidation methods, this new method do so in field and do so immediately. This new remediation technique reduces remediation jobs from weeks and months to hours and days. The activator of this new product ELMN8 is water of any type which is strayed on the contaminated soil before applying the product by the same spraying method. This is followed by tilling or turning over the direct to increase the contact of the solution with the contamination. In the event that there is infrastructure in the ground that prevents tilling of the dirt, holes can be drilled and the solution injected, then the solution will follow the same path the contamination did. OMG Solutions has a water solution as well; ELMN8+, which is a higher concentration version, as the water immediately dilutes the solution, but this version is just as affective in breaking down the hydrocarbon contamination. The process requires the booming off of the water and the agitation after the ELMN8+ solution is added to the contaminated water. These new technological advances, immediately ELMN8-ing the hydrocarbon contamination is being recognized as the new paradigm in remediation and emergency response. Recently, Murphy Oil & Gas Exploration who has begun implementing OMG Solutions in their response needs, nominated OMG Solutions for An Environmental Stewardship Award after they began to realize the value of immediately address contamination and saving about 60% of the traditionally used dig and haul method of dealing with contaminated soil.