6020 Analysis Using a Simultaneous ICP MS Without the Need of Reaction or Collision Cells.

Spotlight on Method 6020 Instrumentation - ICP/MS Metals Analysis
Oral Presentation

Prepared by D. Tsourides
Spectro Ametek, 40 Sharps Drive, PLYMOUTH, MA, 02360, United States

Contact Information: [email protected]; 508-833-8993


Clean, fresh, water is essential to life. Unfortunately, since the industrial
revolution, waterways and coastal waters have been polluted, harming
human health. In the past decades significant progress in the treatment
of sewage and industrial wastes has been made. As a result levels of
most pollutants have decreased and a measurable improvement in
water quality has been achieved. In order to protect human health from
the adverse effects of any contamination of water intended for human

All measurements were performed with the
SPECTRO MS Inductively coupled plasma
mass spectrometer (SPECTRO Analytical
Instruments, Kleve, Germany). The
SPECTRO MS features a double focussing
mass spectrometer in Mattauch-Herzog
geometry. The mass spectrometer focusses
the ions separated by mass/charge ratio onto
a focal plane at the exit of the magnet using
a fixed setting for the electrostatic analyzer
and a permanent magnet. During the
measurement, no scanning is required,
resulting in a fully simultaneous
determination of all elements and fully
utilizing the continuous ion beam produced
by the ICP. This hardware configuration allows
for a completely new way of mass correction not
previously possible by traditional Quad based systems.