Using the HAPSITE as a Vapor Intrusion Investigation Tool

Air Methods & Monitoring Part 1
Oral Presentation

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HAPSITE is a portable gas chromatography mass spectrometry instrument
with the capability to identify and quantifying volatile organic
compounds (VOCs), select semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOCs),
chemical warfare agents, and toxic industrial material in vapor, water,
and soil samples. Geosyntec has used the HAPSITE as a tool in vapor
intrusion investigations for the identification and general
quantification of chlorinated hydrocarbons on multiple projects. The
most effective and successful utilization of the HAPSITE includes prior
analytical instrumentation and quality assurance/quality control
experience as well as specific training on the HAPSITE prior to its
implementation at a site. This presentation will describe case histories
of how Geosyntec has used the HAPSITE on project sites including
commercial, residential, and federal sites. Each site had specific data
quality objectives that were and/or were not met due to the challenges
associated with each project.