Rapid Determination of Ethynylestradiol (17?EE2) in Wastewater Using EQuan On-line SPE and Q Exactive Focus Orbitrap LC-MS/MS

Poster Presentation

Presented by R. Jack
Prepared by , G. Woffendin

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The occurrence and effects of endocrine disrupting compounds (EDCs) in aquatic environments is a significant concern. Of the many EDCs, 17?EE2 is recognised as possessing the greatest estogenic potency and risk to freshwater ecosystems and drinking water resources.Due to its environmental significance, 17?EE2 was incorporated into the EU Water Framework Directive, with a stipulated Limit of Detection of 35 pg/L, which presents a significant analytical challenge.Current methods involve large-volume SPE; normal phase SPE clean up and size exclusion fractionation, which take considerable time, expense, and sampling logistics.The aim of this work is to assess the possibility of using on-line solid phase extraction and a Q Exactive Focus Orbitrap, for the determination of 17?EE2 at the WFD LoD.