N Myron Gunsalus Jr

Myron Gunsalus is currently the Director of Laboratories at the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. He received his bachelorís degree from Asbury College and a Masterís of Science in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Kentucky. Having worked in a variety of commercial laboratories as a laboratory director, quality assurance manager and chemist, he joined the Kansas Health and Environmental Laboratories in 2012 as the Quality, Certifications and Preparedness Section Chief. In May of 2014, he became Director of Laboratories, with oversight for all aspects of the state public health and environmental laboratories and certification programs. Mr. Gunsalus has over 28 yearsí of laboratory and management experience and currently serves on the board of directors for The NELAC Institute (TNI), the TNI Laboratory Accreditation System Executive Committee and represents Kansas in the Association of Public Health Laboratories (APHL). After moving from Florida to Kansas in 2012, he and his wife have celebrated their daughter graduating from the University of Kansas and their son getting married.

Contact Information: [email protected]; 785.296.0801