Sergio Guazzotti

Dr Sergio Guazzotti is the Senior Director of Product Marketing for Thermo Fisher Scientific. He directs the product marketing for the Ion Chromatography Sample Preparation business unit of Chromatography Mass Spectrometry division. During his career, he has managed and performed a wide variety of functions in technology design, strategic marketing, R&D, customer support, manufacturing, sales and business management. In his 10 year career at Thermo Fisher Scientific, he was a Marketing Manager for Liquid Chromatography, Global Senior Strategic Marketing Manager, and Integration Manager facilitating the integration of Dionex Corporation into Thermo Fisher Scientific. Prior to joining Thermo Fisher Scientific, he was the Vice President of Engineering and Technical Services at Nanostream, Inc., managed the analytical instrumentation laboratory as the University of California, San Diego faculty, developed analytical instrumentation in the Aerosol Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry group also at UCSD, and worked at the National Institute of Industrial Technology in Argentina. He received a BS in chemistry from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina and a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of California.

Contact Information: [email protected]; 408-772-0081