Developing an Alternative Method Process for Air Toxics

Oral Presentation

Prepared by L. Phelps, D. Shelow, D. Whitaker, K. Oliver, R. Segall
USEPA, 109 TW Alexander Drive, Research Triangle Park, NC, 27711, United States

Contact Information:; 919-541-3776


This talk is an update to EPA’s Ambient Air Toxic Organic Methods. EPA is working on an Alternative Test Method program for Ambient Air Toxics Methods. This alternative method program for air toxics is an opportunity to advance the science for sampling and analysis of air toxics in ambient air. It permits a pathway for new technologies and updated methodology to be used for monitoring of air toxics in ambient air. It is modeled after the Broadly Applicable Alternative Method Program used in support of the New Source Performance Standards and the National Emissions Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (method 301). This presentation will discuss the purpose of this new Alternative Air Toxics test program, who may use this Alternative Air Toxics test methods, why it is being established and when does it apply and what steps are needed to get started.