Information for Presenters

Presenting a paper at the NEMC provides an opportunity to show the depth of your experience and your expertise in using new, more cost-effective monitoring approaches. You can also show new technologies to potential developers, help improve the quality of the nation's environmental monitoring, and share obstacles so that solutions might be found. EPA encourages regulatory agencies, regulated entities, laboratories, and other members of the commercial and academic communities to submit papers. The call for papers typically occurs in October, with abstracts due back by the end of January. The Conference is usually held in either late July or August.

Presenter Duties and Responsibilities

All presenters should review the Duties and Responsibilities (PDF) document for important information about being a presenter at NEMC.

Abstract Submission

An abstract is a summary of the presentation you intend to give at NEMC, including a short narrative and contact information for the presenting author and any co-authors. Review the Guide for Abstracts for more information.

Abstracts must be submitted by February 1, 2021. Click here to submit an abstract.

Biography Submission

Your biography is a short summary of your affiliations, education, accomplishments and contact information. You can also include a photo. Entering your biography is part of the abstract submittal process. You will be asked to paste your biography into the submittal. Review the Guide for Biographies for more information.


Registration to attend NEMC will open in April 2021.

Presentation Submission

Presentations will be due by July 19, 2021.

Oral Presentations

A Style Guide for PowerPoint Presentations will be posted here when available.
Also please review the following presentation for guidelines and informative tips to create your presentation:
PowerPoint Presentation Guidelines. Click to download (PDF)

Poster Presentations

When creating your presentation, please use the format specified in the following Style Guide:
Guidelines for Poster Presentations. Click to download (PDF)

Paper Submission

Please provide your paper by September 14, 2021.
When creating your paper, please use the format specified in the following Style Guide:
Style Guide for Papers. Click to download (MS Word)