Development of a Soil Reference Material Using Eastern US Sources (NIST SRM 2706)

Oral Presentation

Prepared by S. Nagourney1, S. Long2, J. Reiner2, S. Wilson3
1 - Nagourney, 8148 36th Street East, Sarasota, FL, 34243, United States
2 - NIST, 100 Bureau Drive, Stop 8400, Gaithersburg, MD, 20899, United States
3 - USGS, USGS Core Research Center Mail Denver, Federal Center, Denver, CO, 80225, United States

Contact Information:; 941-355-8097


The current inventory of soil materials from NIST (SRMs 2709, 2710 and 2711 San Joaquin and Montana) are all prepared from materials collected in the Western United States and are certified only for metals where the concentration levels often exceed those found in typical environmental samples.

NIST has collaborated with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection to create one reference material that contains concentrations of metals, PAHs, PCBs and dioxins/furnace that approximate those found in many contaminated soils. The candidate SRM is a composite of background soil and waste material collected in the New York/New Jersey area, thus having a geochemistry very different from the current NIST soil SRMs.

The development of NIST soil SRM 2706 will be discussed, including data on homogeneity and the chemical composition and concentration levels for all contaminant groups.