Deyuan Kong

Deyuan (Kitty) Kong, is a senior research scientist in Chevron Energy Technology Company (ETC). She has worked for Chevron since August 2006. She worked on heavy oil upgrading technology development and molecular diamondoids focus on nanotechnology before she took on the lead role in Environmental Chemistry related to spill and release cases from 2009. She is proficient in EPA, ASTM test methods and NELAP, ISO 17025 accreditation system. She is very experienced with stable isotope analysis. She has over 50 journal publications in a broad range of chemistry and holds two published patents. She also serves as peer reviewers for several journals. She has been selected to attend EPA Hydraulic Fracking Analytical Methods Technical Roundtable discussion in 2013.

Prior to Chevron, she worked at Texas A&M University as a research scientist. She graduated from Chinese Academy of Sciences with Ph. D in Organic Chemistry.

Contact Information:; 510-242-1654