Analysis of Extract Drying Criteria for Oil & Grease Method 1664A/B

Oral Presentation

Prepared by W. Jones, M. Ebitson, D. Gallagher
Horizon Technology, Inc., 16 Northwestern Drive, Salem, NH, 03079, United States

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Oil and Grease is a simple measurement, used around the world to evaluate pollution, regulate release into sewer systems and ensure good wastewater treatment plant operation. There are a variety of options listed in the US EPA method 1664A/B to accomplish drying the hexane extract, including sodium sulfate drying, phase separation paper and others. Drying is an important step because water left in the extract will make it hard for the extract to evaporate uniformly prior to gravimetric analysis. False negatives because light-end oil and grease components may evaporate off before the water is evaporated is one problem. False positives because water remains when the hexane is evaporated is another problem.

Each of the drying options allowed by the method will be evaluated for performance, ease of use and cost.