Tamutsiwa Mututuvari

Company: High Purity Standards (HPS)
Job Title: Manufacturing Laboratory Manager
Length of time with HPS: less than 1 year

Educational degrees: Ph.D. Chemistry, Marquette University (2014)
B. Sc. Chemistry, University of Zimbabwe (2004)

Dr. Moven Mututuvari received his B. Sc. Chemistry degree from the University of Zimbabwe in 2004. He then worked for Coates Brothers Zimbabwe for the period 2004 through 2008 as a Product Manager before joining Varichem Pharmaceuticals as an R&D Chemist. Dr. Mututuvari then undertook graduate studies with Professor Chieu D. Tran at Marquette University. His dissertation is titled 'Supramolecular biopolymeric composite materials: Green synthesis, characterization and applications.' After graduating from Marquette, Dr. Mututuvari joined the staff at High Purity Standards as a Manufacturing Laboratory Manager, a position he currently holds. His research interests are in the area of industrial hygiene.

Contact Information: moven@hps.net; 843-767-7900