Comparison of ASTM D7979 PFAS Compounds by the ASTM Method Versus Solid Phase Extraction

Characterization of Polyfluoroalkyl Substances in the Environment
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ASTM D7979-17 measures an extensive list of Perfluorinated compounds (PFC) by mixing 5 milliliters of sample with 5 milliliters of methanol and injecting into an LCMSMS. EPA Method 537 is a solid phase extraction (SPE) method to monitor shorter list of PFCs for unregulated contaminants monitoring and for a health advisory. To monitor a longer list of PFCs many laboratories have modified EPA Method 537 to include extra compounds, many of which are in the ASTM method. This presentation compares recovery and performance data of the analysis of PFC compounds using the ASTM method and a modified Method 537.