Measuring the Efficiency of Different Solid Sample Digestion Methods: A Comparison Study of Time, Cost, and Accuracy

Metals and Metals Speciation Analysis in Environmental Samples
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Acid digestions of soils and sediments are an integral part of many environmental studies, however there is a myriad of established methods with various procedures and physical requirements. In this paper several digestion methods will be used to digest High Purity Standards certified reference material soils and analyzed via ICP-OES for several trace elements. The digestion methods will be compared through the lenses of efficiency and accuracy. Efficiency will be determined based upon time requirements, number of reagents, necessary equipment, relative skill required and cost in comparison to the accuracy and precision of the results. The efficiency of a method is important for practical laboratory purposes and keeping cost down. Quantifying efficiency will enable a comparison to potential sacrifices in accuracy for method, allowing labs to determine which method is best for their specific purposes.