Introduction to Hanby Chemical Reaction Spectorphotometry ("CRS") to In-Situ Fingerprint Hydrocarbons

Poster Presentation

Prepared by , E. Oswalt, E. Ricco

Contact Information:; 713-468-3898


The Hanby method has been utilized The World over for the last 32 years through Hanby TPH Field Test Kits for the immediate analysis of Water and Soil samples. Building upon this same chemical reaction and taking advantage of advances in technology, The Hanby Method has been extended into a newly patented technique to fingerprint hydrocarbons. The new technique also extended itself reach to being able to be performed on more than just water and soil samples, now being also performed on drill fluids, drilling muds, drill cuttings and core samples. This new technique advanced upon the same time test and proven chemistry, by the addition of reading the colorimetric result with a uv-vis spectrophotmetry. Technology advanced, have enabled Hanby to develop a portable device that can be used in the field or in a laboratory setting to quickly analyze a sample and obtain a spectral fingerprint to can be referenced against a stored data base or library of standards and provide a very accurate measurement of concentration level. This method can also be utilized to characterize the individual aromatic components which are used as the marker compounds for the hydrocarbon fingerprinting. Obtaining a precise laboratory quality measurement in minutes, in-situ or an office or laboratory setting has its obvious values to the environmental industry and has peaked the Oil & Gas Exploration and Production Industry as well.