Build a Digital Bridge With Your Clients

Laboratory Informatics
Oral Presentation

Presented by D. Riese
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From online sample submission, to laboratory information management, to reporting and analyzing results, a digital bridge between laboratories and their clients creates a more powerful and efficient relationship.

Online, self-service applications, or “web portals” have improved customer satisfaction and operational efficiency in banking, parcel delivery, healthcare, and many other industries. Similarly, for laboratories, an online tool that enables submission of samples from the field and delivers real-time updates and final results, accelerates the process and improves quality. At the same time, modern LIMS capabilities coupled with integrated environmental data management tools bring more accessible data analysis—eliminating many of the offline, manual data manipulations tasks.

Mr. Riese will discuss how such a digital bridge transforms the relationship between the client and laboratory. Mr. Riese will review the type of functionality required and the workflow and processes involved.