Introduction to Hanby TPH Field Test Kits for The Immediate Analysis of Water and Soil Samples

Poster Presentation

Prepared by , E. Oswalt, E. Ricco

Contact Information:; 713-468-3898


The Hanby TPH Field Test Kits have been utilized the world over for the last 32 years. This time tested and proven method has been well documented and published with the most relevant publication by The US EPA entitled "Field Measurements: Dependable Data When You Need It." This method has been deployed on almost every major spill response since The Exxon Valdez. This method is a colorimetric approach, comparing the sample analysis resulting color against color calibration photo standards. The results obtained by the utilization have been found to be very accurate; within 10% of a lab result in independent studies performed by The US EPA and US Army Corp of Engineers, very quick; providing results in soil in four minutes and in water in six minutes and very economically; at only $25 per test analysis. This kind of fast and reliable field analysis provides invaluable data to make quick decisions in a spill response or keeping a project progressing forward in a remediation scenario. Recently, in an effort to increase both the level of accuracy and documentation, Hanby developed a mobile application to complement these field test kits. The mobile application eliminates the subjectivity of the human eyes measuring the resulting developed color differently by replacing the human eyes with a the camera optical on mobile phones. Likewise, separates the End User from the measurement calculation, with the mobile app making the calculation as a Third Party. Additionally, the Mobile Application immediately generates a pdf report document that can immediately be shared by any traditional means; text, email or social media platform and is also stored in a cloud platform for future reference and documentation needs. This Mobile Application enhancement has really begun to provide a lot of value to those that utilize this Hanby Method.