Quality System Standards: The Family Tree

Field Sampling, Measurement & Sensor Technology
Oral Presentation

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EPA GLP, FDA GLP, OECD GLP, ISO17025, NELAP, NEFAP, GMP, GCP… The purpose of each of ‎these quality standards is to ensure that scientific data generated by the activity is valid, ‎documented, technically sound, defensible, and of known quality. When scientific data is ‎generated in conformance with quality system standards, regulatory agencies and other ‎stakeholders can be confident that decisions they derive from the data is logical and ‎reasonable, and the group generating the data has demonstrated competency.‎

If the purpose of these quality standards is the same, why are there so many different ‎quality standards? Which quality standard is the best for field sampling and measurements? ‎This presentation will review the different quality system standards and how these standards ‎overlap, contrast, and complement each other as well as review which standard should be used ‎when, for what, and for whom. The speaker will also highlight when certification or ‎accreditation to these quality standards is required or recommended.‎