Development of a New Method to Measure Organochlorine Pesticides, PCBs, and PCB Congeners Using GC-MS/MS

Poster Presentation

Prepared by , R. Kitano, T. Ogura Ph.D, W. Lipps Ph.D

Contact Information:; 410-910-0903


ASTM WK54549 is a new method that determines pesticides, PCBs and PCB congeners using a Method 625 extraction. This new method will enable laboratories to extract and analyze their semi-volatiles and also run low level pesticides and PCBs without a separate extraction. This poster presents spike and spike duplicate recovery in several complex matrices, method detection limits, and long term reproducibility of laboratory control samples. Also presented is a technique to qualitatively identify then quantitate aroclors.

Keywords: Wastewater, Gas chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry (GC-MS/MS), PCBs, Organochlorines and Pesticides