You've Bought a LIMS, Now What?

Laboratory Informatics
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Unless a LIMS has the flexibility to adapt to changing requirements, laboratory personnel will face additional challenges in effectively delivering results and complying with regulations and customer expectations. Mrs. Fort Findley will discuss how LIMS users should extend the system’s functionality and the benefits of keeping it current with evolving organizational needs. Areas for expansion include Quality Assurance, Inventory, Customer Service, Reporting, Forms, Electronic Notebook and Field Analytics.

The challenges faced include missed business opportunities, need for additional systems to handle additional requirements which drives software sprawl and user frustration. A stagnate LIMS will fall behind in functionality so that time is wasted performing tasks outside of the LIMS. The benefits of a flexible LIMS which evolves with the lab include greater competitive advantage, tighter integration of business applications and functions, and a more engaged user community. Particular attention will be given to the impact of software enhancements on upgrade path and supportability.