Integrating Remote Data – The Tools to Streamline Field Information

Laboratory Informatics
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Results and data collected outside of the centralized laboratory working area are routinely processed by laboratories today. Conditions ranging from remote field locations to the inability to have access to the laboratory’s Information Management System due to infrastructure constraints, even when close by, can cause delays in the entry of data resulting in reporting bottlenecks and potentially redundant data entry steps. It is possible to streamline the remote data collection process by recording this data in your LIMS using both on-line and off-line data collection mobile devices which can be of real benefit to the flow of sample results. Information such as sample collection data can be known to the LIMS well in advance of a sample’s arrival to the laboratory. Additionally, field results necessary for final result calculation are entered only once, saving resources and eliminating redundant data entry which has the added benefit of reducing errors.

This session will discuss the technologies available to laboratories where consistent online LIMS access may or may not be present in all areas where result collections take place and the considerations that can improve routine data handling, reduce time delays, and improve data integrity.