Methods Development for the Analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds on Carbopack X Sorbent Tubes Using Thermal Desorption and Time-of-Flight Mass Spectroscopy.

Air Methods & Monitoring Part 1
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The EPA NERL EMMD VOC Laboratory has recently completed methods development work for the analysis of VOCs collected on Carbopack X sorbent tubes using a TD/GC-MS TOF system for several EPA studies. Historically, routine analyses of this type have been conducted using magnetic sector quadrupole mass spectrometers as the detector with or without combined SIM/Scan capabilities. In recent years, the availability of bench scale TOF systems has made them a more practical tool for routine analysis. The acquisition of a TOF system for our laboratory has allowed us to merge our research activities with our more routine sample analyses. We now have the combined capabilities of monitoring targeted compounds with increased sensitivity while also having the ability to look at non-targeted compounds.
This presentation will provide details on the development of these methods.