Determination of Substituted Diphenylamines in Sediment Samples Using GC-MS/MS

Poster Presentation

Prepared by , S. Moore

Contact Information:; 514-496-7107


Substituted diphenylamines (s-DPA) are used as antioxydants in automotive and industrial lubricants and in the manufacturing of plastics, polyurethane foams and rubber products. Because they are used in large quantities and due to their possible bio-accumulation and toxicity effects, their presence in the environment is being monitored.
Environment and Climate Change Canada has developed a QuEChER based method to extract 23 different s-DPAs on 2g of wet sediment. Samples were analysed using a GC-MS/MS instrument. Chromatographic separation has been achieved on an amine-specific column. Recoveries ranged from 40% to 160% (average 90%).