Optimizing the Digestion & Extraction Workflow for Environmental Samples Utilizing Novel Microwave Heating Applications

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Routine digestion and leaching of environmental samples like soil, sediment, sludge and fly ash are among the most common applications performed in environmental testing laboratories. Due to high sample testing requirements, these labs are always looking to optimize workflows while lowering the overall cost of testing.

Two novel microwave digestion technologies will be presented, which enables the fast and efficient processing of a wide variety of environmental samples. The Multiwave GO is a compact system that utilizes Directed Multimode Cavity (DMC) microwave heating to enable the processing of up to 12 samples in less than 18 minutes. The Multiwave 7000 incorporates the Pressurized Digestion Cavity (PDC) principle to enable high throughput (up to 24 samples in a batch), coupled with a time-efficient workflow and lowest consumable costs.