Collaborative Efforts to Implement On-Line Analyzer Technology for Regulatory Total Residual Chlorine Monitoring

Collaborative Efforts to Improve Environmental Monitoring
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As technological advances are developed for online analysis of many parameters, the application for regulatory analysis is of growing interest. HRSD has done extensive work with online analyzer technology for monitoring total residual chlorine with the goal of collaborating with EPA and other stakeholders to develop methodology that is appropriate for regulatory monitoring. This presentation will cover lessons learned, approaches to data handling and proposed approaches to quality control to ensure NPDES data quality objectives are met. Testing has been done through parallel analysis with a traditional pocket colorimeter and data evaluation has been ongoing. Maintenance of the online instrument in use has been fine tuned to includes verification procedures to ensure optimal performance. In addition, strategies for managing the bulk of data obtained through an Environmental Data System are currently being evaluated to ensure representative Discharge Monitoring Report submissions. Troubleshooting protocols are also being evaluated to ensure validity of results in the cases of erroneous data acquisition.