The New Remediation Paradigm: Reducing Remediation Costs and Environmental Impact by Addressing Hydrocarbon Contamination In-Situ and in Real-Time

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When hydrocarbon contamination occurs, it is important to address it as quickly as possible. By addressing it immediately, the impact to the environment will be lower, as well as, the costs of getting it cleaned up. Field screening can be used as a means of obtaining real-time feedback to keep the remediation efforts progressing forward, instead of waiting on lab results to be returned. When accurate and reliable field screening results are obtained, then, once the desired threshold level has been reached, confirmatory samples can be sent to the lab for third party validation. Historically, most field screening methods have produced unreliable results, thus making them not highly utilized. 

In their 1990 publication entitled “Field Measurements: Dependable Data When You Need It,” the US EPA reported their findings on six widely utilized field methods.One of these methods was The Hanby Method that was utilized in the case studies that will be focused on in this presentation. New advancements in technology have allowed Hanby to develop a mobile application to assist in increasing the level of accuracy, real-time reporting and documentation of field analysis. However, most remediation processes are either slow, costly or a combination of both, until now.

 OMG Solutions is a petroleum remediation company and has a product that is activated by water and breaks down the hydrocarbon contamination in-situ and in real-time that is both no-toxic and non-hazardous. Historical results obtained by this new product will be focused on and compared to the results of more traditionally utilized products and methods.

With accurate and real-time feedback from field screening, as well as, in-situ hydrocarbon remediation, the goals of reduced remediation time, cost and lowering the environmental impact are achieved.