The Utilization of the Hanby Environmental Field Test Kit Method to Reduce Hydrocarbon Contamination Clean Up Costs

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The Hanby Method and TPH Field Test Kits for the immediate analysis of both Water and Soil have been around for 32 years. The time tested and well documented method has been utilized around The World on almost every major spill response effort. The method has been well published with the most relevant publication by The US EPA in their 1990 publication entitled "Field Measurements: Dependable Data When You Need It." Unlike a lot of other field methods that provide unreliable results, the results from The Hanby Method have been validated over and over again as reliable, accurate, fast and economical. If a field method provides results that are found to correlate with lab results to be within 25%, the field method is considered acceptable. Both The US EPA and US Army Corp of Engineers independently studied the results comparison by The Hanby Method and Labs and both found that The Hanby Method provided results within a 10% variance. These same results have been found by the countless numbers of Clients around The Globe that have utilized The Hanby Method. The Hanby Method is a colorimetric method whereby a resulting developed sample color is developed and compared against precisely developed and published color calibration standards. This is a visual comparison by The User and has been for the last 31 years. However, recently, with the advancements in mobile technology, Hanby developed a mobile application that standardizes the optical by using the cameras on mobile phones to replace the subjective human eyes to capture the resulting color developed by the sample analysis and compare it to the stored digitized calibration photos allowing the mobile application to calculate the concentration of the analyzed sample. Additionally, pdf reports are instantly generated that are available for instant sharing and stored for future reference. This increases the level of documentation of the sample analysis. This recent development will further increase the level of accuracy of The Hanby Method as well as the documentation needed to provide real time feedback that is necessary to keep a remediation project progressing forward without the delayed waiting time for lab results. This will drastically reduce the costs associated with the remediation of hydrocarbon contamination as well as the impact to the environment.