Utilizing Real-time Data to Compound Wins and Make Real Impacts

Changing the Paradigm for Water Pollution Monitoring
Oral Presentation

Prepared by , N. Pasch

Contact Information: mlunn@grcity.us; 616-456-3914


The City of Grand Rapids, a leading innovator in environmental quality monitoring, will discuss the various in-line analyzers and monitoring and control platforms we use to manage water quality in our utility and surrounding community. The real-time data provided from the various instruments has led to performance achievements in energy savings, regulatory compliance, loading capacity increases, infrastructure investment, public engagement, and reduced permit requirements.
Today POTWs collect daily composite samples and then devote the next several days performing analysis and reporting out. Operational control, capital and budget decisions are based on this limited data. Sensors and other analyzer provide data on a continuous basis and lead to increased capacity while reducing energy costs.
City representatives will share the story of where we have been and provide some insight on where we plan to go with the developing technology and integrated data approaches we see today and the questions or problems we would like to answer as a utility and as a community. While detailing the story, there will be focus on the quadruple bottom line of sustainability that the City uses in decision making processes; environmental, economic, social, and governance achievements that find the balance for investment and achievement.
Analysis performed by the EPA in 1996 “PERFORMANCE-BASED REDUCTION OF MONITORING FREQUENCIES” determined that POTWs with good compliance records were not at risk of non-compliance due to reduce sampling frequency. Online sensors and analyzers add further support.