Ellen R Campbell

Ellen R Campbell is CEO of The Nitrate Elimination Company, Inc (NECi). She has a BSc in Chem/Biochemistry from the State University of NY Environmental Science and Forestry, Syracuse NY 1981. After 10+ years in academic R&D specializing in analytical method development, she and husband Bill Campbell, Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, founded NECi in 1993. NECi's expertise is design and production of recombinant proteins for analytical chemistry. Ellen guided the method approval process for enzyme-based nitrate detection. NECi's Nitrate Reductase enzyme earned EPA Standard Method status under the Clean Water Act (2017 MUR) and Alternative status under SDWA in 2016. USGS and ASTM standard method status was earned in 2011; standardmethods.org is under committee review now,

Contact Information: ellenr@nitrate.com; 906.296.1000