Merwan Benhabib

Dr Benhabib is VP of Engineering and co-founder at OndaVia, a start-up that has built a chemical sensor for real-time industrial water monitoring. As OndaVia’s R&D lead scientist his work has been key to the first successful commercialization of a analytical instrument using Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy reliably, a technology now adopted by large industrial corporations (Chevron, BP, GE, Suez and others) to make critical process decisions.
He has over fifteen years of R&D experience in test and measurement, building analytical instrument with applications in chemical, biological and health monitoring. He has worked extensively in designing, manufacturing and testing devices. Prior to OndaVia, he worked for Jet Propulsion Laboratories (NASA) on a nanotechnologies-based instrument for life exploration on Mars.
Merwan holds a Ph.D. and an M.S. from UC Berkeley and an engineering diploma from ParisTech, France. He has contributed to over forty peer-reviewed journals, articles, books, and patents.

Contact Information:; 510-229-9197