Charlotte Fort Findley

Charlotte Fort Findley joined the Autoscribe Informatics technical sales team in 2008. She previously worked for nine years’ at a Pharmaceutical contract testing laboratory in the Quality Assurance department where she tracked a substantial amount of information including samples, instruments, employee training, laboratory investigations etc. After working with two homegrown Microsoft Access® sample tracking systems she was tasked with researching and selecting a commercial Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). You can probably guess which LIMS system she selected.

After four years as a customer of Autoscribe Informatics and user of Matrix Gemini LIMS, Charlotte joined the technical sales team. While she never planned to be a sales consultant she couldn't pass on an opportunity to work for a company with a product that she truly believes in and is passionate about. Drawing on her laboratory background and experience as a Matrix Gemini LIMS user, she has a unique ability to identify a customer’s needs. When she meets with existing customers she can suggest and discuss possible functionality additions that will help them gain the most out of their LIMS system. When she's speaking with a potential customer having this experience allows her to put herself in the customer's position as they discuss their requirements. She's walked the walk so now she can talk the talk.

Contact Information:; 508-457-7911