Mitzi Miller

Ms. Miller has over 40 years of experience in chemistry. She is currently VP of Environmental Programs for NV5/Dade Moeller (2009-present). She was the previous owner and president of EQM, Inc. which was sold to Dade Moeller. She manages large programs writing environmental regulatory documents, environmental field and laboratory auditing programs, data validation, and writing sampling and analysis plans. Ms. Miller has been a lead assessor for A2LA since 1993 assessing laboratories to ISO/IEC 17025, and consumer products, lead in housing/paint, sampling to TNI NEFAP. She is a Lead TNI assessor from 2000 to the present, supporting five states. She routinely assesses environmental, food chemistry, materials chemistry, threat agents, microbiology, and drug/pharmaceutical laboratories. In addition, she is trained and assesses reference material producers to ISO/IEC 17034 and proficiency testing providers to ISO/IEC 17043, and the NELAC and TNI Standards. In addition to assessing commercial testing laboratories, she has performed assessments of many large government laboratories of various types, including those performing threat agent, radiochemistry, food, drugs, and agriculture products testing. She is a fully qualified NELAC assessor in organic & inorganic chemistry, microbiology, tissue, and air, with additional certificates in auditing drinking water chemistry, and microbiology, and HUD lead (PB). Ms. Miller averages 25-40 audits per year. She received BS Chemistry from U Georgia, 1977.

Contact Information:; 509.531.0255