Bryan Vining

Dr. Bryan Vining is the laboratory director for Enthalpy Analytical Ultratrace in Wilmington, NC and has been with Enthalpy for 2 years. He was a laboratory director at SGS, where he worked for 8 years. Dr. Vining has also spent several years working in the pharmaceutical sector, where he first became acquainted with LC/MS/MS and isotope dilution.

Dr. Vining holds a Ph.D. in chemistry from Florida State University, and he has published multiple papers and given several talks on isotope dilution assays and the assessment of measurement uncertainty in analytical assays, both isotope dilution and otherwise. He collaborated on the development of tools to determine uncertainty measurement on a per-analyte and per-sample basis for isotope dilution assays, on which he has presented before.

Contact Information:; 910-212-5866