Dale Walker

Dale Walker is a second-generation scientist whose focus is on gas phase mass spectrometry; interestingly, his father was part of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory team who placed the first mass spectrometer on Mars. Having followed in his father’s footsteps, Dale has been working in the analytical chemistry field since 1980. As a Senior Application Engineer with Agilent Technologies for the past five years, he has worked to improve challenging analyses for semivolatiles, volatiles, pesticides, dioxins, and PCBs including updates for the newest instrumentation.

During his nearly 30-year career in the environmental industry, Dale has held a number of positions including Field Service Engineer, Senior Scientist, Senior Engineer, Western United States Sales and Service Manager, and Technical Director. It is his hope that these efforts along with those of his customers and colleagues have contributed to our greater knowledge and stewardship of the environment. Dale appreciates the opportunity and looks forward to addressing you – the environmental scientist – in his presentation.

Contact Information: dale.walker@agilent.com; 916-458-2940