Mike Lunn

Mike Lunn is the Environmental Services Manager of the City of Grand Rapids. He has worked for the City for almost 20 years. Prior to joining the City of Grand Rapids, Lunn worked for the City of Flint, Michigan for 20 years. Over his nearly 4 decades of public service, he has lead numerous energy efficiency projects and been a champion of Low Impact Development.

Under Lunnís leadership, Grand Rapids is becoming a ďsmart city,Ē using big data to solve problems and create transparency. Real-time air and water quality sensors are transforming the way the city operates and how they connect to their community. His commitment to building a green Grand Rapids has contributed to the City as a leader in sustainability. With a focus on stormwater management and green infrastructure, his department partners with several water quality agencies to protect the Grand River and Great Lakes watershed. The result of these partnerships created the Green Infrastructure Portfolio Handbook, which other cities use for guidance in their communities.

As a Utility of the Future, Lunnís leadership style fosters a work culture of innovation. Staff at all levels are encouraged to think creatively to solve problems, promote energy efficiency and further environmental stewardship. For example, in 2017 his department broke ground on a $30 million biodigester project, a solution to the increase in concentrated food waste production from Founders Brewing Co., located in the heart of Grand Rapids.

Contact Information: mlunn@grcity.us; 616-456-3914