Edward Overton

Dr. Edward B. Overton, Louisiana State University, Rm 65, ECE Bldg., Dept of Environmental Science, Baton Rouge LA 70803 (225) 578-8634, ebovert@lsu.edu

Dr. Overton is a Professor Emeritus and analytical environmental chemists with over 40 years experience studying the environmental impacts of oil spills with much of this work being done in association with NOAA’s Emergency Response Division. His research interests include understanding the fates and distributions of hydrocarbons following an oil spill, the environmental chemistry of hazardous chemicals, and the detection of environmental pollutants at the site of sample collection. He has been active in understanding the fate and effects of petroleum hydrocarbons in marine environments from oil spills since the 1978 Well blowout at the US DOE Strategic Petroleum Reserve West Hackberry Site, flowed by the Amoco Cadiz Tanker wreck and the IXTOC 1 blowout in 1979, the Exxon Valdez wreck in 1989, and currently the Deepwater Horizon fire and blowout in 2010.

Contact Information: ebovert@lsu.edu; (225)578-8634