The SigSci HazMatPT® Program – Characterizing Performance for Non-Standard Laboratories

Data Quality, Management and Review
Poster Presentation

Prepared by L. Kearby, M. Isbell, D. Lewis, J. Patureau, J. Lyle
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HazMat Teams and first responders are called upon to protect the public from accidental and intentional threats. When a HazMat threat appears, teams must quickly respond and determine if the potential threat is real: What is it? Is it harmful? What protection is needed? What resources are required to neutralize it? Mission success depends on proficiency – the ability to use specialized knowledge, training, and tools to accurately characterize and identify hazards. The Signature Science HazMatPT Program is designed to maintain and demonstrate analytical proficiency by providing chemical test panels that can be used to ensure operators and equipment are ready to respond.

Signature Science is an ISO 17043 accredited proficiency test provider, and the HazMatPT program is performed under that accreditation. For this PT program, SigSci distributes chemical test panels quarterly. Each panel includes four unique samples suitable for testing using conventional down-range, handheld equipment and/or fixed-laboratory instrumentation such as FTIR, RAMAN, and GC/MS. samples cover multiple threat classes, including explosives precursors, white powders, illicit drug-related chemicals, pesticides and associated chemicals, TICs and TIMs, chemical warfare-connected compounds, poisons, and pharmaceuticals.