Troubleshooting for Total Phosphorous and Ortho-Phosphate Colorimetric Testing for Discrete and Segmented Flow Analyzers

Handling Interferences in Complex Matrices for Metals, Nutrients, and COD
Oral Presentation

Prepared by S. Leibenguth
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Total Phosphorous and Ortho-Phosphate are currently tested in many working laboratories. In order to achieve the best results possible for these colorimetric tests, each laboratory should take into consideration chemistry related issues that may be having an impact on their results. These topics include reagent stability and chemical shelf life, matrix matching of sample preparation, reaction interferences, and chemical contamination. The discussion will also be addressing the importance of the pH of samples and reagents and how it effects the overall color development of each reaction.
For total phosphorous, we will discuss the differences in digestion protocols, including acid level considerations and consistency in reconstitution.