Analysis of Cyanide Ion in Various Matrices by Ion Chromatography and Amperometric Detection

Spotlight on Anion Analysis Instrumentations - 9000 series
Oral Presentation

Prepared by J. Gandhi
Metrohm USA, 1455 E.Sam Houston Parkway South, Ste 170, Pasadena, TX, 77503, United States

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Cyanide ion is highly toxic and life threatening. Cyanide is classified as various species. Along with understating of Cyanide complexes, there are several methods for analysis of Cyanide ion. Most of the regulatory compliance monitoring methods are based on Flow Injection Analysis (FIA) and colorimetry or Amperometric detection. These methods are challenged with interfering ions and requires significant sample preparation techniques before analysis.
In this presentation, deciphering the Cyanide ion(s) and their complexation species will be discussed. Also, straight forward Ion Chromatography method of analysis with “green chemistry” in perspective will be highlighted.