Assessing the EPA MUR MDL and TNI 2016 MDL Requirements

Data Quality, Management and Review
Oral Presentation

Prepared by H. Hastings
NV5, 730 Camp street, New Orleans, LA, 70124, United States

Contact Information:; 225-892-1090


Detailed discussion of the EPA MDL MUR requirements versus the TNI 2016 requirements including a discussion of expected records and information a laboratory needs to maintain to be in compliance. During assessments, laboratories seem to struggle with maintaining records for demonstrating the MUR MDL and TNI 2016 compliance and are looking for new approaches to comply and manage the record keeping. This session will focus on the following areas:
• Overview on differences between the EPA MUR MDL and TNI 2016 MDL requirements
• Review of records (documents) needed from the laboratory to support initial and continuing MDL
• Potential problems and how they will be addressed
• Recommendations to seamlessly incorporate new requirements into current laboratory process
• Recommendations for making records more usable and easily audited