California Laboratory Mentor Initiative: Labs Helping Labs

Government Public Health and Private Environmental Laboratory Partnerships
Oral Presentation

Presented by J. Oaxaca
Prepared by C. Sotelo
California Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program, 1001 I Street, 17th Floor, Sacramento, California, Sacramento, United States

Contact Information:; 916-341-5175


In 2018, California's Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program partnered with commercial/private laboratory director leaders to help mentor government/municipal laboratories to implement quality management systems in their laboratory.

This oral presentation will summarize the success stories and how partnerships can be forged between private and government laboratories to achieve a mutual goal of data of known and documented quality. Learn how in a short amount of time and alot of dedication and effort these expert mentors changed behaviors, misperceptions about the NELAC Institute (TNI) laboratory standard and showed mentee laboratories how to become the best quality laboratory for their clients and the local communities they serve.