Draft Practice for Development and Optimization of D19 Chemical Analysis Methods Intended for EPA Compliance Reporting

ASTM Committee D-19s Effort to Provide Useful Test Methods to the Environmental Laboratory Community
Oral Presentation

Prepared by J. Parr
The NELAC Institute, PO Box 2439, Weatherford, TX, 76086, United States

Contact Information: jerry.parr@nelac-institute.org; 817-598-1624


ASTM D-2777 provides the standard practice for conducting an interlaboratory study to determine the precision and bias of a test method. However, no such practice exists for the initial development of a method to be used for compliance purposes. Method development cannot be prescriptive. This is a guide of suggested practices. Because methods vary widely in their chemistry and procedures, no definitive guidance can be provided on how to develop a rugged method. In general, though, the goal is a written document that demonstrates acceptable method performance is attained using all procedural options specified in the method.