Digitizing Data Deliverables in an EPA Regional Laboratory

Laboratory Informatics
Oral Presentation

Presented by M. Kerr
Prepared by

Contact Information: thompson.robert@epa.gov; 312-353-9078


The Chicago Regional Laboratory of US EPA Region 5 recently transitioned to fully electronic data packages and data records management, demonstrating a model business practice for EPA labs, meeting efficiency objectives in the Agency’s strategic plan, and advancing readiness to meet the National Archives and Records Administration’s objectives to stop accepting analog records by 2022. This brief presentation describes the process of reducing then eliminating the use of thousands of pounds of paper annually, more fully utilizing the lab’s integrated systems such as the LIMS and cloud-based document management services, and streamlining the data review process. Project components, standards, approach, procedures, and metrics will be discussed. The electronic data team was recognized by Deputy Administrator Darwin in the Agency’s inaugural round of Gears of Government Awards for accomplishments to improve the lab’s data management processes and reductions in resource usage.