The Necessity for Proper Reference Standard Preparation in Environmental Analysis and the Use of Certified Reference Materials

Operational and Advocacy Issues Impacting the Environmental Laboratory Industry
Oral Presentation

Prepared by D. Shelly
LGC Standards, 276 ABBY RD, MANCHESTER, New Hampshire, 03103, United States

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The precise and accurate quantitation of environmental contaminants is dependent upon the proper preparation of reference materials (standards). Reference material selection, key information in the certificate of analysis (CoA), finding the ”hidden” material in a vial, transferring neat material and solvent selection are all necessary components of correct standard preparation. This session will include techniques used to create stock solutions from neat materials, how to choose the correct solvent and the effects of temperature and the proper reading of class A volumetric flasks will be discussed. The meaning of “Certified Reference Materials” will also be discussed.