Sampling and Sample Preservation, How Did We Make Something Simple so Complex?

Identifying and Combatting Inappropriate Laboratory Practices
Oral Presentation

Prepared by W. Lipps
Eurofins Eaton, 750 Royal Oaks Drive, Suite 100, Monrovia, California, 91016, United States

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Most water testing methods have sampling, required sample containers, preservation, and holding time criteria. Requirements are made by regulation and/or accreditation to verify that containers are adequate and that samples were preserved properly prior to analysis. These preservation checks are usually made at sample login. But method developers often completely ignore this part of the method and often don’t take this verification requirement into account. Rarely do the methods provide instruction on how or when to test a bottle, the presence/effectiveness of a preservative, or even what constitutes acceptable data.. This presentation covers inconsistencies, errors, and sometimes total nonsense in something as simple as "sampling and sample preservation".