Ken Rosnack

Ken Rosnack is a Principal Market Development Manager in the Global Food & Environmental Markets for Waters Corporation. His primary focus is within the Environmental area where he is responsible for world-wide strategy implementation and performance. He maintains collaborations within regulatory agencies as well as with global industrial partners. Ken joined Waters in 2000 as part of the mass spectrometry organization. Prior to joining Waters, he worked in R&D within the pharmaceutical industry, where he was involved with the analytical efforts leading up to the launch of several products including Zithromax & Zyrtec. Over his career, he has been primary author on numerous publications, been an invited speaker multi-nationally, and has presented at many conferences. He has been involved with MS for the past 35 years. He obtained his Masters Degree in Analytical Chemistry / Mass Spectrometry at the University of Pittsburgh under the guidance of Dr. David Hercules.

Contact Information:; 508-482-4639