James Pyke

James Pyke is a Senior Application Scientist at Agilent Technologies and is passionate about helping scientists succeed in an efficient and effect manner by researching, developing and implementing solutions that are useful. James draws on his continuous experience with various applications of mass spectrometry since 2005: starting with research applications where he develop and used Metabolomics techniques by GC-MS, LC-QQQ and LC-QTOF to monitor metabolic pathway activation in multiple pathogens as they cause disease, to identification of novel compounds using MALDI-TOF to later use system biology processes that link and interpret metabolomics, proteomic and genomic data to monitor biochemical activity of a specific organism within a polymicrobial biofilm adding MALDI-TOF-TOF and NMR techniques to his tool box. James’ graduate research work and subsequent project based work at Metabolomics Australia, has sharpened his knowledge in mass spectrometry across a broad range of biomedical and agricultural applications. Since joining Agilent Technologies in 2013, James continues to expand, translate and transfer his knowledge across Life Science research; Environmental; Food safety, nutrition and authenticity; Forensic and Toxicology; Pharma and Biopharma; Clinical Diagnostics; and Clinical Research.

Contact Information: james_pyke@agilent.com; +14085534321