Debra Waller

Debra Waller has been a Lead Certification Officer and NELAP assessor for the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection for more than 18 years. Debra is in charge of the microbiology auditing team and microbial regulatory concerns for the NJDEP. Debra also developed the cryptosporidium and giardia assessment program for the NJDEP. She is the Quality Assurance Officer for the NJ BEACH program and specializes in quality assurance and quality control for ambient, drinking, biosolids, wastewater and public recreational sample testing. Debra also serves as a member if the Environmental Laboratory Advisory Board to the US EPA. A former licensed sewage treatment plant operator, twenty year drinking/wastewater laboratory veteran and the recipient of the NJWEA’s Laboratory Analyst Excellence Award, Debra also specializes in the chemical analysis of wastewater and ambient water and has been instrumental in the research and development of ambient water method certification for the NJDEP.

Contact Information:; 609-923-8887