Michael Pascucilla

Michael Pascucilla was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer/Director of Health for the East Shore District Health Department (ESDHD) in 2010, which serves the Towns of Branford, East Haven and North Branford, Connecticut. Prior to ESDHD, he served as the Assistant Director of Health for the City of Hartford, Department of Health & Human Services, and past positions include the University of Connecticut, Department of Environmental Health & Safety, Yale University, Department of Epidemiology & Public Health and several local public health districts.

Michael holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Public Health/Nutrition from Southern Connecticut University and a Masters Degree in Public Health from the University of Connecticut, Community Medicine & Health Care. Mr. Pascucilla is a Nationally Certified Environmental Health Specialist/Registered Sanitarian and has over 26 years’ experience as a public health official in local, state and federal government. He is very active in the public health field and is a Site Visitor for the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB), currently seats as a Board of Director/Past President for the Connecticut Associations of Directors of Health (CADH) and is a Board of Director for the Connecticut Public Health Association. Mr. Pascucilla is also the past President of the Connecticut Environmental Health Association (CEHA) and served within the leadership of this organization for over seven years, where he continues to be an active member.

Michael holds several National and Connecticut State public health certifications and over the course of his career, he has been very engaged as a public health official in governmental and academic settings. His experience includes hands-on participated in several national/federal grant-funded initiatives, including a practicum at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Yale University. His experience also includes health prevention education and promotion among diverse community populations, staff supervision, administrative/budget/grant management, population health policy, workforce development, code enforcement, volunteer/ committee, food/water safety, indoor air quality and communicable disease prevention/education.

Michael also is an Part-time Faculty member at Southern Connecticut State University in the School of Health & Human Services Department of Public Health, and a Lecturer at Yale University, School of Public Health, Department of Environmental Health Sciences located in New Haven, Connecticut. He has combined his passion for this professional field of public health and higher education, as local health departments strive to hire and find well-qualified, public health college educated employees. He is actively mentoring/working to improve public health training/hands-on courses to assist college students in their career preparation. To that end, his organization also regularly promotes the public health field at public events/venues, public schools and colleges, and host high school and college students with internships to attract young adults into the next generation of the public health workforce.

With respect to his experience outside his positions as a public health official and an educator, he is committed to this professional field by improving the quality of his local environment and is very engaged his hometown community. Michael resides in the Town of Guilford, Connecticut with his wife and two sons, and their family enjoys boating, fishing/shellfishing, swimming and the many other recreational activities that Long Island Sound offers.

B. Positions and Honors

• Emerging Scholar Award Recipient, Food Studies International Conference, Common Grounds Research Networks, 2017
• Adjunct Faculty Teaching Award Recipient, Southern Connecticut State University, 2016
• Sabbatical Recipient, Food Allergy: UK/USA-United Kingdom, National Environmental Health Association, 2015-2016
• Hero Award, Food Allergy Education Network, 2013
• City of Hartford, CT - Mayoral Citation, Volunteer Recognition for Celebration of Lights, 2009
• Certificate of Merit, National Environmental Health Association, 2005
• Sanitarian of the Year, Raymond Brunelle, Jr. Award, Connecticut Environmental Health Association, 2002

C. Contributions to Science

• Brooks L, Cooper M, Caccone A, Knauf D, Pascucilla MA. Microbial Source Tracking (MST) - Analyses in the Sasco Brook, Lower Farm River, and Goodwives River Watersheds in Connecticut, New Haven, Connecticut. 2017.

• Pascucilla MA. Food Allergies: A Comparison between the U.S. vs. U.K. National Environmental Health Association Annual Meeting, San Antonio, TX. July 2016.

• Food Safety Journal - Cover Story | December 2014/January 2015
Allergen Management: Challenges and Trends

• Lauren Brooks, Michael A. Pascucilla, Lori Romrick - Pollution Source Survey and Assessment of the Farm River Watershed in East Haven and Branford, Connecticut. 2012

• Stevenson JE, White DG, Torpey DJ III, Craig AS, Smith KE, Park MM, Pascucilla MA, Anderson AD, and the FoodNet/NARMS Working Group. Enhanced surveillance for antimicrobial resistance among enteric bacteria: FoodNet/NARMS Retail Food Study. International Conference on Emerging Infectious Diseases. Atlanta, GA. March 2002.

• Pascucilla, M. Hepatitis A - Should Food Service Workers be Vaccinated? Unpublished Master’s Thesis,
University of Connecticut, School of Community Medicine and Health Care, Farmington, Connecticut. 2002

D. Additional Information: Research Support and/or Scholastic Performance

Michaels focused areas of public health research are climate change and food allergies. In 2016, he was the recipient of the National Environmental Health Associations Professional Sabbatical Award, where he conducted research in the United Kingdom on food allergies. He has presented his research locally, throughout the State of Connecticut/New England and the U.S. Most recently, he was invited to the Food Studies International Conference held in Rome, Italy where he presented his research and was recipient of the Emerging Scholar Award.

He is actively working on a U.S. Climate Change Initiative, and secured funding to build the world’s first Solar-Electric Pump-out Boat using local contractors. This zero emissions vessel will serve the Connecticut’s coastal waters of Long Island Sounds and prevent human waste from being discharged into our local marine waters by recreational boats.

Contact Information: mpascucilla@esdhd.org; 203-619-1286