Charles Neslund

Mr. Neslund is responsible for the HRGC/HRMS laboratory, the LC and GC Triple Quad section and the Method Development group of the Environmental Division. His responsibilities include management of dioxin/furan and PCB congener analysis on water, soil and tissue samples and development and management of the PFAS Analytical group. He oversees the development of methods that employ LC/MS/MS for the analysis of glycols, urea herbicides, hydrazines, polyfluorinated chemicals and various other organics in water, solids and tissues. He has led development efforts for the application of GC/MS/MS towards the analysis of pesticides and extractable semi-volatile organics. His responsibilities also include the development and validation of methods that are required to comply with ISO 17025, GLP and FIFRA data submission requirements.

Contact Information:; 717-556-7231